October 2020

Pervert caught by paedophile hunting team

A pervert who sent hundreds of sexually explicit messages to a number of schoolgirls has been jailed after he was exposed by a paedophile hunting team.

Ian Robinson of Oxford appeared at Oxford Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to:

  • Sexual Communication with a child 

  • Arranging or facilitating commission of a child sex offence

  • Three counts of attempting to sexually communicate with a child

The court was told that Robinson who was using a fake profile named ‘Stev Holmes’ had contacted a number of profiles that he believed belonged to various schoolgirls. 

He went on to send sexually explicit messages to all three girls with the clear intent of grooming the girls for sexual activity.

In one message he told a child to ‘take her knickers off at the kitchen table whilst she was eating her meal with her parents’. In other messages, he demanded that the girls strip so he could watch so he could masturbate at the same time. 

Robinsons messages became more sexual and were described as domineering because of the way he asserted his will over each girl in an arrogant and forceful way. 

The pervert arranged to meet one of the girls who he believed was 14. He told the child to meet at a train station in February 2018. 

However, when he arrived, paedophile hunting team ‘Exposure Central’ intercepted him and asked him to explain his internet activity. 

Robinson was told that the three girls he had been speaking to were in fact decoys from an online child protection team called ‘Shadow Hunters UK’.

Robinson was arrested at the scene. 

After almost three years, Robinson was finally sentenced to:

  • 40 months imprisonment

  • A sexual Harm Prevention Order was imposed for an indefinite period

  • The judge also told Robinson he must register as a sex offender indefinitely