October 2020

Whatsapp paedo who called victim, 10, his ‘girlfriend’ escapes jail

An already convicted paedophile has escaped a jail term for sexually assaulting a ten-year-old girl and sending her WhatsApp messages calling her his “girlfriend”.

Serial sex beast John Boyd referred to her “kissable” lips, called her “my gorgeous princess”, and said “I love you” over several weeks.

The pervert then lured the youngster to a bedroom and kissed her open-mouthed while squeezing her buttocks.

The 54-year-old was forced to flee his home in Prestonpans, East Lothian, after it was targeted by protestors in the wake of his guilty plea last month.

Appearing at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Friday, HGV driver Boyd was placed on a three-year community payback order with a supervision requirement.

Sheriff John Mundy ordered him to attend a rehabilitation course for sex offenders.

Earlier defence agent Jim Stephenson said Boyd had lost his job after being convicted and accepts “responsibility” for his offending.

The court previously heard depraved Boyd has two previous convictions for offences involving girls aged ten and 15, one dating from 2001.

Mr Stephenson said a “long period of time” had elapsed since Boyd’s prior offending, and his client accepted any breach of a community order would lead to imprisonment.

Dad-of-two Boyd admitted sending sexual written communications via text and WhatsApp to a child under 13 between June 28 and August 5 last year and asking for photos of her.

He further pled guilty to sexually assaulting the girl.

The court previously heard depraved Boyd has two previous convictions for offences involving girls aged ten and 15, one dating from 2001.

Fiscal depute Anna Robertson told the previous hearing how Boyd took the girl to the cinema last June with her mother’s permission.

She said Boyd told the youngster she should do her hair and make-up, and referred to their “date”.

The court heard Boyd and the girl started exchanging messages on WhatsApp. In one, the girl sent a photo and Boyd replied: “You look beautiful”.

Boyd also wrote: “I’m one lucky man taking you out on a date.”

After the girl sent him a photo last July 1, he replied: “You look nice tonight.” Later he told her: “I miss you too. Missing my kisses and cuddles.”

On July 29 last year, he messaged her: “I’ll dream about you. How soft your lips are for kisses.”

Last August 5, Boyd was in a house with his wife, the girl and her mother, and others. Boyd went to an upstairs toilet and made a hand gesture directing the girl to a bedroom, the court was told.

Ms Robertson said he lifted the girl up under her arms, put his hands on her bottom, and was “sucking on (the girl’s) lip and kissing her with an open mouth”.

Boyd kissed her lips and neck, told her she was a “good kisser”, and said: “I’ll go to jail if you tell. I’m too old.”

After Boyd and his wife left, the girl tearfully told her mother about the attack.

Residents in Prestonpans launched a protest against Boyd after details of his sordid offending emerged.

Boyd was forced to move from the property and the windows of his house were later boarded up.