November 2020

Hull Royal Infirmary doctor’s paedophile shame after ‘addiction’ to vile videos

This is the face of a Hull doctor who hoarded thousands of sickening child abuse images at his city centre home.

Ghai X Chong, 29, of Wright Street, Hull, was a trainee doctor on the Acute Medical Unit at Hull Royal Infirmary before his horrific crimes came to light.

Chong’s home was raided in November last year by police who seized a laptop and hard-drive.

An examination of the laptop found 30 indecent images of category A – the worst kind – six of category B and 86 of category C.

On the hard-drive in a folder labelled “pic” a huge number of indecent images and videos were also found.

There were seven images of category A, 116 of category B and 2,678 of category C found.

Chong had also kept 426 videos of cateogry A, 160 of category B and 296 of category C.

One disgusting video showed the rape of a child by an adult.

Charlotte Baines, prosecuting toldHull Crown Court on Tuesday that Chong was suspended as soon as he was arrested.

She said: “He had a meeting and during the course of that he made comments such as, ‘It’s all my fault. I’m addicted to porn and have been for years.

“I thought it was under control but the evidence is very incriminating.'”

Ms Baines told the court Chong came to the UK from Malaysia to study medicine.

The court heard Chong’s case would be referred to the Home Office who will decide whether he will be deported back to Malaysia after he has served his sentence.

Judge David Tremberg told the court Chong’s offending happened “against a background of low self esteem and self isolation.”

Sentencing him to six months imprisonment for three counts of making indecent images and one of possessing a prohibited image, the judge told Chong: “You spent many years qualifying as a doctor and you know that is a profession the public put their trust into for their welfare and the welfare of their families, parents and children.

“You became addicted to using pornography and child pornography. Your offending is a serious example of its type.”

Chong has also been made the subject of a sexual harm prevention order for seven years and must also sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for seven years.