November 2020

Paedophile who filmed girl, 9, undressing on beach ‘knew it was wrong’

A convicted paedophile filmed a nine-year-old girl undressing on New Brighton beach while she was with her parents.

The oblivious family were trying to cover their daughter with a towel as she got changed on the beach, but the sick paedophile videoed her and added it to his twisted collection.

Police found the footage on David Cadman’s phone along with 155 indecent images and videos of children.

The 64-year-old has previously been jailed for possessing indecent images of children and today appeared at Liverpool Crown Court for breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

When the order was imposed it banned him from deleting images or internet history and having devices unless they were made available to police for inspection.

Zillah Williams, prosecuting, explained that in August this year police officers “received information the defendant had been seen taking photographs on New Brighton beach of children”.

Police didn’t attend the beach but did go to his home address, where Cadman, of Espin Street, Walton, handed over a black Sony mobile phone.

Ms Williams said: “It was on that phone that there was a moving video of the child on New Brighton beach, a child of about nine years getting undressed on the beach with her parents.”

She explained it is obvious the parents are unaware their child is being filmed and were trying to “cover her up with a towel as she was getting changed”.

When asked about the video Cadman said: “I didn’t know her she was just on the beach with her family. I know it’s wrong I don’t know why I did it.”

Cadman was arrested and officers discovered the internet history on the phone had been wiped five to six weeks prior, which he claimed was due to a phone update.

Ms Williams explained that after his arrest another mobile phone was seized along with a digital camera and police also found a small amount of cannabis and a Samsung Galaxy tablet as well as four USB sticks.

After police examined them they discovered a total of 155 indecent images of children which included 20 images and videos of children being raped.

Detailing his previous convictions Ms Williams explained Cadman was convicted in 1977 for indecent assault, in 1990 for exposure.

His most recent conviction is for possession of indecent photographs of a child in November 2015, for which he received 14 months in prison.

Cadman was also ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register and adhere to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

He admitted breaching the order on four counts and a charge of possession of cannabis.