November 2020

Pervert caught by paedophile hunters

A pervert from Cornwall who believed he was grooming multiple schoolgirls online has finally pleaded guilty – two years after being caught by the UK database

Ryan Williams, 30, contacted the online profiles of several girls including a 13 year old who he sent sexually explicit messages and images to. 

In December 2018, Williams arranged to meet the 13 year old girl at St Austell train station. However, he backed out at the last moment and did not show up. 

However, the girl did not exist and was instead a decoy from paedophile hunting team ‘UK database’ who pose online as children in order to catch sex predators. 

The UK database team tracked him down to a house near St Columb Major.

They confronted Williams on his doorstep, where he admitted the offences to the team. 

The police were called and Williams was arrested. His computer, phone equipment & his car were all seized.

Williams has now admitted several offences which include sexual comminication with a child

He will be sentenced in due course