October 2020

Man viciously beat girlfriend and attacked child

A serial woman beater from Torquay that viciously attacked his girlfriend and attacked her 12 year-old son has been jailed.

Robert Beer (locally known as ‘Bobby’) of Torquay appeared at Exeter Crown Court where he was sentenced to two years and one month relating to a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The court was told that Beer who already had 21 convictions for 34 offences and who worked in traffic management spent the night at home getting drunk. The victim (his then girlfriend) went to bed.

At 8am, Beer went into the bedroom and dragged the victim out of bed by her hair. 

As the woman struggled, Beer repeatedly slammed her head into the wall and floor. 

Beer continued to drag the woman around the house by her hair. As she struggled to get away and make a run for the door, Beer chased her and ferociously pulled her back, causing severe whiplash. 

Beer then slammed her head into the door and dragged her unconscious body into the living room. 

Due to the noise, and in distress, her 12 year old son ran out of his bedroom and tried to ring the police on his mobile phone.

However, Beer then turned his attention to the child. He grabbed the phone and threatened the boy. The boy made a dash for the front door, but Beer blocked the way and struck the child off his feet sending him about 10 feet on the floor. 

Beer then went back to the woman to resume beating her. Beer repeatedly grabbed the womans hair, lifting her head up before punching her in the face. 

The brave boy found the courage to run and made it outside where he raised the alarm to neighbours who entered the house and stopped Beer from killing the woman. 

During police interviews, Beer changed his story several times, claiming that it was self defence but eventually pleaded guilty before his final hearing before a trial

The court heard that Beer has an extensive criminal history including:

  • Manslaughter 

  • Various domestic assaults

  • Threats of violence mainly against women

  • Possession of heroin with the intent to supply 

  • Car and driving offences

  • Sending obscene messages to former girlfriends threating to kill 

  • Assault of a police officer

  • Offences of ABH and battery (against females)

As well as being jailed, a lifetime restraining order was made and he is excluded from entering the town of torquay upon release