November 2020

Pervert groomed children telling them he was ‘bored and horny’ in sick online chats

A pervert targeted two 14-year-old boys in an internet chat room and convinced them to send explicit videos of themselves.

Alexander Moore also had indecent images of children, some of them in the most serious category, when police raided his home in Kensington.

The now-22-year-old entered a chat room for underage gay boys and interacted with users, singling out two boys, aged 14, lying to them that he was 16.

Moore told them he was “just kinda bored and horny.”

Liverpool Crown Court heard how he asked one of the boys to “trade [explicit] pics” of each other before they swapped similar video footage between each other of them involved in sexual acts.

Mike Stephenson, prosecuting, said there was an “element of grooming” to Moore’s actions who has no previous convictions.

The barrister added: “He does appear to have a sexual attraction to children which he accepts.”

He pleaded guilty to ten charges, four of making indecent photographs of children, and six more related to sexual interaction with children.

When police visited the address linked to the internet server Moore was using, he “immediately admitted his involvement of having images from the outset.”

They were found on his hard drive, PC tower and laptop.

In total, there were 49, of which 27 were in the most serious Category A.

A Sexual Harm Prevention Order was imposed lasting for a decade.

The judge decided to not send Moore to jail, handing him a two year sentence but suspending it for two years.

He said it was because “the risk [Moore poses] can be managed in the community.”

Moore, of Jamaica Street, was also ordered to carry out 60 hours of unpaid work over the next year.