November 2020

Edinburgh pervert caught with vile bestiality images

AN Edinburgh man who was caught with thousands of vile bestiality images featuring adults having sex with snakes and pigs has been jailed and placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life.

Korin McPhail, 45, was also found to have downloaded horrific pictures and movies of adults engaged in sexual activity with horses and dogs when police raided his flat in December last year.

The pervert was bailed but offended for a second time when he was caught with more than 2000 disturbing images following another police raid on the property in June this year.

McPhail admitted three charges when he appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court last month including possessing extreme pornographic images, breaching a sexual prevention order and bail conditions.

The court heard that McPhail was previously jailed for seven years in 1997 for indecently assaulting a 71-year-old woman and attacking a 17-year-old woman with the intention of raping her on two separate occasions in Kirkcaldy.

Prosecutor Heather Carmichael told the court McPhail was on a Sexual Offenders Prevention Order (SOPO) for a previous offence when during a routine check police found he had deleted pornographic images from a Lynx tablet.

An Xbox was also looked at and the officers found “videos of a female engaging in sexual activity with animals” hidden within an app on the games console.

More devices were seized from the property and a total of 286 images of extreme pornography were discovered including “adults engaged in sexual activity with animals including dogs, horses, snakes and pigs”.

Ms Carmichael added a further 13 movies of a similar nature were also found downloaded to an SD card.

Police then raided his home in the Oxgangs area of the city for a second time on June 6 this year and discovered a further 2317 extreme pornographic images stored on the hard drive of a Play Station console.

McPhail returned to the dock for sentencing where Sheriff Alistair Noble said: “You appear before me as someone with a significant history of prior offending.

“Given your repeat offending, and also what is in the social work report, this a case where the criteria of an extended sentence is satisfied.”

The sheriff handed McPhail an extended sentence where he was caged for 20 months and will be monitored for a further three years upon his release.

McPhail was also placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for an indefinite period after admitting possessing extreme pornographic images depicting sexual contact between adults and animals between December 9 last year and June 17 this year.

He also admitted to breaching a SOPO by deleting internet history without permission.

He also pled guilty to breaching bail conditions by possessing internet capable devices when banned from doing so between December 10 last year and June 16 this year.

December 1997

Man had no idea why he assaulted two victims, aged 17 and 71 Double sex attacker jailed for seven years

A sex attacker who brought terror to his two victims, aged 71 and 17, was jailed for seven years yesterday after a court heard he had no idea why he carried out the attacks.

Korin McPhail indecently assaulted the elderly woman after following her in the street and repeatedly clubbed the teenager over the head with a branch to ”incapacitate” her with the intention of raping her.

Unemployed McPhail, 22, of Alison Street, Kirkcaldy, admitted the attack on the 71-year-old woman in the town on January 18 this year and assaulting the 17-year-old on September 16 near Kirkcaldy Golf Club.

Mr Frank Mulholland, advocate-depute, told Lord Cullen, Lord Justice Clerk, at the High Court in Edinburgh that the first victim had been making her way home at about 9.10pm when she became aware of someone following her.

As she approached the entrance to the flats where she lived she was grabbed from behind and pulled to the ground. Her attacker pulled up her skirt and handled her private parts.

A passer-by saw the elderly victim lying on her back with a man leaning over her, holding her down. He shouted out and chased the man as he ran off, but the attacker escaped. The victim was extremely distressed and shaken.

Mr Mulholland said the second attack took place at 7.30am as the 17-year-old victim was making her way to work. She saw someone whom she took to be a newspaper delivery man because he had a bright orange bag over his shoulder.

She heard footsteps behind her and turned to see the same man she had passed earlier. He seemed to be holding something in his hand.

As he grabbed hold of her she started screaming and was struck on the back of the head with the object the man was carrying. She covered her head with her hands and managed to run away.

She managed to give police a description of her attacker and they also found a section of a branch which seemed to have been the weapon used by her attacker. The description was put out on radio and within a matter of minutes police spotted the accused walking along a nearby road. He told them: ”I think I’m the one you’re looking for.”

When he was interviewed later he said: ”I just followed her. I grabbed a stick and I went after her. I don’t know what I would have done if she hadn’t screamed. She looked really nice.” When asked why he had taken the stick he said: ”I wanted to incapacitate her – to stop her struggling or anything like that.”

He was then asked what his intention would have been if he had managed to incapacitate his victim and replied: ”Probably to have sex with her.”

During the interview, he also admitted carrying out the attack on the 71-year-old woman earlier in the year.

Mr Mulholland said the accused had been examined by a psychiatrist and was not suffering from any mental disorder.

Mr Branislav Sudjic, solicitor advocate for McPhail, said: ”Clearly, these are terrible things which he has done and must have caused unimaginable distress to the victims. What is concerning is that he seems to have no insight into why he behaved in the manner in which he did.”

Two things could be said in his favour. He had admitted his guilt from the outset and he seemed to appreciate the effect of his actions on his victims.

Lord Cullen said the two offences showed a dangerous propensity on McPhail’s part to persist in indecent conduct towards women.

”One of the matters that gives me concern and should give anyone concern is the lack of insight into your motivation when you have carried on in this way causing distress and terror to your victims.”