November 2020

Jailed: Brading man caught with hundreds of child abuse images

A Brading man caught with more than 700 indecent images of a child on his parents’ computer has been jailed.

Andrew Haire, 41, of High Street, appeared before the Isle of Wight Crown Court on Thursday.

He admitted three counts of making indecent images of a child.

The court heard from prosecutor, David Reynolds, how between June 19 and September 23, Haire had stored more than 700 indecent images of a child on his parents’ computer.

Mr Reynolds said Haire had been known to police and deemed as high risk, and confessed to a police officer his desire to rape a young girl.

The court heard how during an unannounced home visit, police had found Haire using his parents’ computer, which he had quickly turned off.

Haire told police he had been playing a video game, but upon seizure of the computer, child abuse images had been found.

Mr Reynolds told the bench Haire had confessed immediately to what was currently on the machine, but not to those deleted which were found following a more detailed analysis.

He said Haire’s previous convictions included an indecent assault against a male in 2001, and a sexual assault on a female child in 2016, for which he had been jailed for 40 months.

Mr Reynolds said Haire was already subject to a sexual harm prevention order.

Among the images found on the computer, 110 were Category A ­— the worst kind ­— 188 were Category B, and 460 were Category C.

Haire was given a 20-month sentence and an order was made for the forfeiture and destruction of the computer.

Haire was also given a sexual harm prevention order ­— his previous one discharged ­— which will remain in place until further notice.