November 2020

South Yorkshire pervert caught with indecent images of children

An ashamed and tearful pervert has narrowly been spared from jail after he was caught by police with indecent images of children.

Sheffield Crown Court heard on November 26 how James Bowker, aged 36, of St David’s Drive, Ardsley, Barnsley, was caught with the images after police searched his home.

Prosecuting barrister Ian Goldsack said: “Police executed a warrant at an address at St David’s Drive, Barnsley, in Ardsley, in August, 2018, and he was present and was arrested and he became upset.”

Police seized an external computer hard drive, a mobile phone, and a hard drive within a computer tower which contained indecent images of children.

Bowker, who is of previous good character and was tearful in court, pleaded guilty to possessing 1,211 category A images, 716 category B images and 2,114 category C images, with category A being the most serious.

He also admitted possessing 18 extreme pornographic images.

Some of the images dated back to February, 2010, and up to May, 2018 and August, 2018.

Judge Sarah Wright told Bowker: “You have expressed remorse and exhibited in court just how ashamed you feel about these offences and I am told you would relish the opportunity to work with the probation service.”

However, Judge Wright also told Bowker: “The point about child pornography is that it involves films and images being made of very serious sexual offences being committed against defenceless children. It’s heartbreaking for any other person to see that kind of material.”

She added that people like the defendant emerge as a threat to children because they encourage others to continue making such material.

Judge Wright sentenced Bowker to eight months of custody suspended for two years with a Rehabilitation Activity Requirement. Bowker was also placed on the Sex Offenders Register and under a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for ten years.