February 2020

Paisley woman left two kids alone in flat covered in animal faeces without food or proper bedding goes unpunished

A Paisley woman left two schoolchildren home alone in a flat covered in animal faeces without adequate food or bedding has gone unpunished.

Leesa McKay left the kids, aged 12 and 15, in her flat one night in July last year.

The 40-year-old was supposed to be looking after the children, who can’t be named for legal reasons, from July 12 to July 13.

But she didn’t return to her home, leaving the 15-year-old to look after the 12-year-old.

Sheriff Sukhwinder Gill slammed McKay for her conduct.

But she has been allowed to go unpunished over the incident.

Her lawyer said the animals had been removed by the Scottish SPCA.

And that social workers had helped McKay get back on top of things after she had been suffering from mental health problems at the time.

Sentence was deferred on McKay for six months, for her to be of good behaviour.

We told you in December how she had been facing two charges under the Children and Young Persons (Scotland) Act 1967.

But she struck a deal with prosecutors to plead guilty to one charge in exchange for the other being dropped.

She admitted she “did wilfully neglect said child in a manner to cause him unnecessary suffering or injury to health and did leave him supervised by a 15-year-old child overnight in a residence that had animal urine and faeces throughout, provide insufficient food for said children, insufficient bedding and furniture and with unhygienic conditions throughout the said residence.”