December 2020

Pervert jailed for sexually assaulting nine-year-old girl

A Basingstoke man has been jailed after being found guilty of sexually assaulting a nine-year-old girl.

William Landy, aged 49, cried from the dock of Winchester Crown Court as he was caged for four and half years.

Landy, previously of Quilter Road, was found guilty by a jury following a trial at Winchester Crown Court this week of assaulting a child by penetration and sexually touching a child.

The court heard that Landy gained access to his victim by gaining the trust of her family before abusing her on one occasion 

In a victim impact statement, Landy’s victim said felt “the whole incident changed her whole life,” Judge Jane Miller QC recalled, adding: “she stopped being a happy person and she withdrew into a hole”.

The abuse only came to light after the victim told her family in 2018, having not spoken about it before because she “didn’t think she would be believed” as she was badly behaved at that point in her life.

The court was told that in the weeks following the incident Landy had contacted social services claiming that the victim had exposed herself to him.

During sentencing on Friday Judge Miller said: “You were trying to get your story in first.”

She continued: “She clearly found the run up to the hearing very difficult, having to watch her video interview again.

“You saw in court having her account challenged was upsetting for her.

Judge Miller jailed Landy for four and half years and he must spend a further year on licence.