December 2020

Convicted paedophile caught in undercover sting operation

An already convicted paedophile has avoided a prison sentence again, after he groomed what he believed were a number of schoolgirls for sex

Daniel Paul Coulson, aged 34, unemployed and from Leicester appeared at Leicester Crown Court where he was sentenced for sexual communication with a child

The court was told that Coulson had contacted the online profile of who he believed was a 13-year-old girl.

The pervert immediately sent sexually explicit messages. 

He told the girl that she and her eight year old sister should sit on his lap naked whilst he poured custard over them. Another message told the girl that he wanted to see her naked in the bath whilst he used gunge on her.

As the chat progressed, Coulson became more depraved, telling the girl that he wanted her to molest her eight year old sisters vagina. 

However, the girl did not exist and was instead a ‘decoy’ called Kath Morin from paedophile hunting team ‘No More Secrets – Isle of Wight’. The team handed their evidence pack into police who in turn arrested Coulson at his home

The police seized and analysed his phone and computer equipment and found Coulson had infact been speaking to five decoys in total. 

Coulson had a previous conviction in 2009 after he was caught downloading indecent images of kids, including videos of girls as young as six being sexually abused by adult men.

After his arrest, Coulson spent four months on remand.

The judge sentenced to Coulson to 16 months imprisonment suspended for 24 months and handed him a three year community order

A 30 day Rehabilitation programme was aranged and a five year sexual harm prevention order was made. 

He will be required to register as a sex offender with immediate effect. 

February 2009

Child sexual abuse images downloaded on housemate’s laptop

A former Reading student has been placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for downloading child sexual abuse images

Daniel Coulson, 22, admitted eight charges of making indecent images on a housemate’s computer while a student at The University of Reading in 2006.

The female friend had given him access to her computer while she was out of the house or away at weekends.

One evening in December 2006 she came back to the house and discovered “sex documents” on her laptop which had nothing to do with her.

She then got her friend’s boyfriend – a computer network security analyst – to investigate and they discovered Coulson had been downloading indecent images, including videos of girls as young as six being sexually abused by adult men.

Eight images were successfully recovered by police – one at level four, one at level three, another at level two and the rest at level one, the least severe.

Reading Crown Court heard on Friday that when confronted by his housemate, Coulson said: “I don’t know why I do this. Please don’t tell my parents. This is why they took my laptop off me.”

When interviewed by police, he also admitted to paying to access fetish sites on the internet.

Sentencing him, Judge Stephen John said: “Each image of this kind represents an occasion on which an innocent child has been abused.

“The potential for this kind of activity through the internet is great and the number of children abused in this way escalates the more someone accesses or downloads images of this kind. This has become much too common.

“For this reason, Parliament has decided that those who have downloaded them should normally go to custody. But I bear very much in mind that these are a tiny number of images overall.

“I also bear very much in mind your age and the time that’s passed since the offences.

“I’m satisfied that you suffer from Asperger’s which affects the way in which you relate to people around you but I hope you understand how inappropriate your behaviour was and you have some insight into its effects on other people.”

For each of the counts, Coulson was given two-year community orders to run concurrently, with a supervision requirement for two years.

He was also told to go on a Community Sex Offender Group Programme and placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for five years.

Coulson, of Glenfield Road, Leicester, was also banned from owning his own computer, ordered to pay £474 in costs and banned from having any contact with a child under the age of 16 without another adult present for three years.