Update: Now released and living in Thornaby

December 2003

Pervert abused and raped step daughter 

A depraved pervert has been jailed after he repeatedly abused and then raped his own step daughter.

Unemployed Ronald Lynas, 62 of Thornaby appeared at court where he was sentenced for rape.

The court was told that the victim was 11-years-old when Lynas began to molest or sexually assault her. He would also make repeated sexual remarks to the girl 

Lynas not only hit the girl, but he also carried out a number of violent attacks on other family members.

When the victim was 12, she witnessed Lynas rape her mother. 

The victim was put into a foster home and then a childrens home. 

When the girl was 19, Lynas visited a house in Stockton where the victim was and viciously attacked her in a bedroom. The pervert held the child down whilst forcefully removing her jeans and underwear. As he raped the young girl, he told her to ‘just enjoy it’

After the rape, Lynas forced the child to give him oral sex.

Before he left, Lynas asked the child for a cuddle, but she refused 

Lynas was sentenced to seven years imprisonment and told to register as a sex offender for life