January 2021

Vile paedophile who raped two young relatives says he had a ‘good old time’ in prison

A sex beast who served just seven years in prison for the serial rape of his niece and grandniece has said: “I had a good old time in prison … I even got my hip done in there.”

Michael Moran (83) looked the picture of innocence, a harmless old man, as he walked the backroads of Oldtown, Nurney in Carlow on Wednesday.

Aided by two walking sticks provided to him in prison, he offered a cheery smile to passers-by and a polite lift of a finger to passing traffic.

But the image Moran now presents to the public is a lie.

Scratch the surface and the paedophile, who forced himself on one of his child victims by threatening her with the rape of her intellectually disabled sister, still blames those innocent children for the sex offender status he will carry with him to the grave.

A jornalist approached him and asked: “Are you Michael Moran?”. “I am,” the pensioner responded.

“Is there anything you would like to say to the children you abused?” we queried.

“There wouldn’t be much I’d say,” he responded. “But I had a good old time in there [prison]. They looked after me well.

“The nurses and the officers were very fond of me.

“They had a great laugh with me and everything.

“By God you can tell them that from me if you’re talking to them.

“Because I’d never say a word wrong you see … as long as I was in there.

“I’m glad now to be home … but I got the hip done while I was in prison and they gave me the sticks when I was coming out.”

The reporter also asked Moran, who during his court case seven years ago made the vile claim his innocent victims had ‘instigated intercourse,’ whether he was now willing to desist from this lie.

“Well, that is the truth,” he responded, persisting with the vile lie.

Asked whether he regretted his actions, Moran relented slightly.

“Oh God I do,” he replied. “I am terrible sorry. It’ll never happen again … I was 83 there at Christmas.”

Details of the crimes for which Moran was convicted were heard during his sentencing hearing at the Central Criminal Court in November 2015.

Moran, who regularly raped his niece and grandniece, pleaded guilty to three sample charges of rape of his grandniece between October 2003 and June 2009 and to seven sample charges of rape of the second victim between January 1983 and March 1989.

A local garda told the court that Moran admitted to gardai that he had sex with both girls but claimed each of the victims instigated intercourse.

The older woman, who is now 41, told gardai that the man raped her on a regular basis, every three or four weeks.

She recalled Moran first sexually assaulting her when she was eight years old and outlined specific incidents of rape in the family home.

The woman told gardai that he threatened “to do the same” to her intellectually disabled sister if she refused to have sex with him. He also told her that no one would believe her if she disclosed the abuse.

The younger victim, now aged 23, told gardai that Moran gave her money after raping her. The abuse began when she was 11 years old. She said on one occasion he hit her and he often told her no one would believe her if she told anyone about the abuse.

The older woman stated in her victim impact statement that she wanted Moran to get the same sentence she got.

“He took away my youth and innocence and I can’t get it back,” she said. The younger victim said in court that the man “took my childhood away from me and I will never get it back.”

The garda read from the victim impact statement of the older woman that Moran made her feel dirty and the only reason she did not stop him raping her was because she was afraid he would do the same to her sister.

Ms Justice Margaret Heneghan imposed a 10-year sentence and suspended the final three years on conditions.