January 2021

Gloucester man sentenced after being caught out by a paedophile hunting group

A Gloucester man has been jailed for 20 months after a paedophile hunting group carried out a sting and caught him trying to arrange a sex session with an underage girl.

Gloucester Crown Court heard that Simeone Kazao, 43, of Barnwood Road in the city was targeted by the ‘Secretly Tackling On-line Predators’ group (STOP) who created the fictitious 13 year old girl to expose his perverted intentions.

Alistair Haggerty, prosecuting, said: “Kazao made contact with a decoy account being operated by an adult. On January 30 last year he made a friendship request to Billy-Ann Jones on Facebook.

“When he made contact with the account holder Kazao was told the girl was aged 13. He replied, ‘That’s OK, you’re a lot younger than me.’

“The conversation quickly became sexual and he kept asking to meet up for sex.

“The ‘girl’ reminded Kazao that she was only 13 and had not had sex before. His response was to tell her not worry as he would show her what to do.

“He asked where she lived, and she told him Gloucester. He said he lived in the city and went on to explain what he would like to do to her. He graphically described his intentions.

“The following day, January 31, Kazao said to the girl that he wanted their chat from the previous day deleted and he went on to tell her that talking to her had aroused him.

“Over the next two days he tried to video call the girl and sent her a picture of his manhood.

“He requested that she send her a picture of her private parts. He said he would arrange to get a hotel which they could stay at. He said he lived on Cromwell Street and he sent her an image of a man performing a sex act with a woman and labelled this ‘Me and You’ adding that this was what she could look forward to.

“He also sent her his mobile phone number, but she declined any personal meetings despite his many attempts. He also sent her links to numerous sex websites.

“On July 1, Kazao again offered to meet the girl, who again told him she was still only 13. He suggested that he would pay for her train fare as she had now moved away.

“In total, the conversations between the decoy and Kazao ran to 42 pages of Facebook messenger chat and 50 pages from WhatsApp conversations.

“It was shortly after 7pm on July 11 that members of the STOP group went to the home of Kazao, a Nambian national, and detained him.”

The court was told that police attended the address and the paedophile hunters gave the officers their evidence. Kazao’s mobile phone was seized and he was arrested.

In interview he admitted making contact with the decoy. He said he always had his suspicions about the girl as she sounded a lot older than a 13-year-old would.

“However, he accepts that the content of the conversations was sexual. He also admitted sending sexual images and arranging to meet the girl,” added the prosecutor.

“He also admitted getting sexual gratification by sending her the pictures.”

Kazao pleaded guilty to a charge that on July 7, 2020, as an adult, he attempted to incite a girl aged 13 to engage in sexual activity by penetration.

He also admitted that between January 29, and July 8, 2020 he attempted to incite a girl aged 13 to engage in sexual activity by masturbation and attempted to cause a child aged 13 to view an image of sexual activity for the purpose of his sexual gratification.

Judge Michael Cullum told Kazao: “You have no sexual offences in you antecedents – however on this occasion you were seeking to incite a 13-year-old girl to indulge in sexual penetrative activity.

“There was a very significant difference in age, some 30 years between you and your intended victim.

You indulged in grooming behaviour that included many messages as you tried to develop your opportunity.

“However, your victim, was in fact a decoy. I make no comment about those who choose to engage in that sort of behaviour.

“Your own behaviour is abhorrent and unlawful. I accept that these offences were attempts, as no child would have ever been hurt in these particular circumstances.

“You were only interested sexually in unlawful young teenagers.

“You believed that this girl was 13 years of age, which is still a child in legal terms.

“I will not be suspending the sentence because of your previous history of failing to comply with court orders.”

Kazao was sentenced to 20 months jail and subjected to a five-year sexual harm prevention order and an order to sign the sex offenders register for the next 10 years. He was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge.