January 2021

Teen caught with indecent images of children and animals given second chance by sheriff

A Fife sex offender has been warned he faces a custodial sentence if he does not engage with social work services after being found with indecent images of children.

Derry Sneddon, 18, appeared at Dundee Sheriff Court for a review of his sentence after appearing to not take social work appointments seriously.

Ross Donnelly, acting on behalf of Sneddon, admitted to Sheriff Tom Hughes if it were not for his client’s age, he would have nothing to say in defence.

Sneddon, of North Street, Lochgelly, was found with indecent images of children in his possession at an address in Letham.

He had also taken or permitted to be taken an indecent image of a child at the same address.

The offences happened between April 5 2015 and September 24 2019.

Sneddon also had a bestiality image in his possession at the same address between May 1 2018 and September 24 2019.

Aged under 18 at the time of his offences, he had been ordered to meet with social workers to address his behaviour but his level of engagement was poor and he was called before Sheriff Tom Hughes for a review.

Mr Donnelly described Sneddon as “aimless” and without purpose in his life.

He said: “I made it clear to him at the time this order was an alternative to custody.

“While he complies with the appointments, there seems to be a lack of focus in them.

“If he was an older man, I would have very little to say but I think that it is a case where his age is a factor.

“He doesn’t seem to have much purpose in life and just lives day-to-day.

“I have made it clear to him he is in a very precarious position.”

Sheriff Hughes gave Sneddon another chance to engage with appointments and scheduled a further review on April 28.

He said: “You have to understand how serious a situation you are in. You could face a very lengthy period in an institution.

“I want to see greater involvement in your attendance and participation. It is your choice now.”