January 2021

Man raped woman in horrific attack

A woman was raped in a terrifying ordeal as she walked to a supermarket, a court heard.

Jake Casey, 23, has received a lengthy jail sentence after attacking the woman in Rochdale.

The victim had been walking to a 24 hour supermarket in the early hours when Casey approached her.

Casey told her she was ‘beautiful’, asked her for a ‘hug’ and blocked her path, Minshull Street Crown Court heard.

At first she thought Casey was a ‘troublesome drunk’, but he persisted and she gave him a hug to ‘placate’ him.

He put his arm around her neck which caused her to have trouble breathing.

Casey, said to be under the influence of drink and drugs, bit her nose and told her ‘do what you are told you f****** slag’.

“She was completely terrified and thought you were going to bite her nose off,” Judge Bernadette Baxter said.

He went on to rape her, with the attack lasting about ten minutes.

Afterwards, Casey claimed he was 15 and told her that if she reported him then ‘she would be in trouble because she was the adult’.

Casey ‘made her swear’ that she wouldn’t report what had happened, prosecutor Geoff Whelan said.

He said she had ‘better not tell anyone because he would kill her then and there’, also saying ‘you don’t even want to see the knife in my pocket’.

Casey told her he was ‘coming back to her home with her’, which the judge said added to her ‘terror and distress’.

She had the ‘presence of mind’ to tell Casey she still needed to go to the shops.

When she got to the supermarket, she went into the toilets and called the police.

Casey, of no fixed address, was arrested shortly after.

He pleaded not guilty but was convicted by a jury of two counts of rape; one count of inciting someone to engage into sexual activity; one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm; and one count of assault by penetration.

“It is clear from these facts that these are extremely serious offences which only immediate custody of some length is appropriate,” the judge said.

The victim said she has suffered from nightmares and panic attacks following her ordeal.

Defending, Andrea Lock said Casey is ‘extremely immature’ and had suffered bouts of depression following the death of his mother.

Judge Baxter handed down a 12 year sentence, comprising of nine years in custody and an extended three year licence period after she declared Casey a dangerous offender.