Jamie Macpherson – Walsall

January 2021

Paedophile jailed after driving 90 miles to abuse a child

A pervert has been jailed after driving 90 miles with the intention of sexually abusing a 11-year-old child

Jamie Macpherson, 46, from the West Midlands has been sentenced at Luton Crown Court to five years in prison after admitting to a number of child sex offences.

Macpherson, of Walsall, was arrested after travelling nearly 90 miles to Bedford with the intention of meeting and abusing the young girl

He was arrested by police soon after he arrived in Bedford and found in possession of two hard drives containing large amounts of indecent images of children, including the most severe category A.

Macpherson’s plans to travel to Bedford were uncovered as a result of a proactive operation by the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit.

Once Macpherson was arrested, the investigation team worked closely with digital media investigators, who were instrumental in securing the evidence from the hard drives in his possession.

Following his arrest, Macpherson pleaded guilty to facilitating and arranging the commission of a child sexual offence, possession to show or distribute indecent images of children, and possession of indecent images of children.

He also pleaded guilty to distributing indecent images of children, in relation to offences committed in the West Midlands.

He was sentenced to total of five years: three years for the Bedfordshire offences and a further two years, to run consecutively, for the West Midlands offences.

He was also served with an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

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