January 2021

Pain caused by Worcester paedo’s lies

A child molester’s lies caused his victim’s life to ‘fall apart’, fearing she would have to tell a jury about the sexual abuse she suffered from the age of three.

Depraved pensioner Lewis Munslow was put behind bars for six and a half years for his abuse of the girl in the 1990s which began in Worcester.

The 75-year-old of The Broadway, Stourbridge finally admitted four counts of indecent assault (some charges reflecting multiple incidents) against the victim between November 16, 1992 and September 29, 1997.

He only entered his guilty pleas on December 3 last year, many months after the plea and trial preparation hearing on April 14 last year.

In a victim personal statement the survivor of his abuse said: “Nothing I can ever write or put into words can come close to the pain and suffering he has put me through. He chose to sexually abuse me at three years of age for a period of five years. He has no remorse for what he did and still doesn’t.”

She went on to write that the level of control he had over her made her feel sick.

“I became a very angry person and still am, angry at him but also very angry at myself that I let this happen and didn’t stop it and didn’t tell anyone what was happening,” she added.

The woman added: “I thought nobody else would believe me.”

In the statement she went on to say how she struggled to sleep most nights. “I feel guilt, shame and no self-worth. He’s ruined my experience of being a mother.”

Even though she said she loves her children she said she found it hard to hug or kiss them because of what had been done to her as a child.

Michael Hall, prosecuting, who summarised the statement, said: “She says she is serving a life sentence for what it was he did to her.”

The victim also said she ‘fell apart’ when she learned he was pleading not guilty. “It was like the final way to hurt me – as if he had not done enough to hurt me over the last 30 years.”

Judge Martin Jackson, sentencing, said: “Although there are only four charges, they represent a significant number of offences by you. The offences started with rubbing her body and kissing her.”

He told the paedophile the offending had then progressed to more serious, penetrative offences. Judge Jackson also told him the offences had been ‘a serious breach of trust’ and involved ‘an element of grooming’.

“It has had a lifelong impact upon her. She said it ruined her experiences as a mother” the judge told him.

He also observed that Munslow had tried to dissuade his victim from telling anyone else what he had done to her and that his acceptance of responsibility ‘only came very late in the day’.

Judge Jackson added: “It seems to me remorse in this case is limited.”