Note: In 1996 Lord received a 13-year jail sentence for child rape, kidnap, indecent assault and violence

Carlisle drug dealer has prison sentence extended – after lethal gun ammunition found at his home

A drug dealer had lethal ammunition at his Carlisle home when police came calling.

Christian Edward Lord, 43, was originally sentenced in February for two sets of heroin peddling offences.

Last June, heroin, drugs paraphernalia and cash were found at his Welsh Road home. Thousands of pounds worth of heroin and cash were then discovered during another search of the address in January.

Lord admitted possessing heroin with intent to supply, and having criminal property – the cash. A judge imposed a 64-month prison sentence.

However, Carlisle Crown Court heard on Monday that a quantity of “lethal” ammunition was also discovered at his home in January.

Prosecutor Beccy McGregor said this comprised fifty-nine “.22 long rifle calibre unfired cartridges filled with hollow-point bullets”. They were found in a locked outdoor cupboard. No firearm was present.

“These are designed to expand on impact, this of course being for greater accuracy and greater damage to any potential target,” said Ms McGregor.

Due to the time taken to obtain a forensic report, Lord was sentenced separately this week having admitted acquiring ammunition without a firearms certificate.

When interviewed, Lord claimed he found the bullets on an allotment last summer.

“He brought [the ammunition] home as he wished to fire it, but didn’t have a weapon to do so,” said Ms McGregor. “He knew he should have had a licence to possess any such ammunition.”

The court heard of his “appalling” criminal record. In 1996 he had received a 13-year jail sentence from a Nottingham judge for child rape, kidnap, indecent assault and violence.

Recorder Mark Ainsworth added an eight-month, consecutive prison term to Lord’s original 64-month sentence, and ordered that the bullets be forfeited and destroyed.

“The public are rightly concerned when this type of ammunition is illegally ‘on the streets’, as it were, even if the person concerned can’t discharge it,” said Recorder Ainsworth.

“I have to bear the public disquiet in mind. Only a sentence of immediate custody can be justified in this case.”