January 2021

Scotland’s national outdoor training centre head coach unmasked as warped beast by paedo hunters

The head coach at Scotland’s national outdoor training centre has been unmasked by paedophile hunters as a secret warped beast.

Dave Rossetter, 47, taught thousands of children how to canoe and paddleboard in his role at sportscotland’s Glenmore Lodge in Aviemore, Inverness-shire.

The married dad also appeared on the BBC’s Adventure Show and was nominated for a lifetime achievement award for training people with disabilities.

But his life is in tatters after he admitted begging someone he thought was a 13-year-old girl for ‘naughty pics’ and sending sick sex videos of himself.

The ‘girl’ was in fact a decoy from vigilante group Justice4Kids who alerted cops to his sick behaviour between November 2019 and January 2020.

He admitted the offence at Falkirk Sheriff Court and Scottish Ministers are expected to ban him from working with kids and vulnerable adults.

Sheriff Derek Hamilton told him: “What is clear is that this offence has had quite a devastating effect on your life.

“Your marriage of 26 years appears to have been brought to a shuddering halt, you seem to now not have any contact with your children, you’ve lost your job, and clearly your chosen career is in jeopardy given the conviction which is now against your name.”

Rossetter regularly revealed his kids’ coaching on his social media accounts and worked on Duke of Edinburgh qualifications. He was also interviewed in a feature on white water kayaking by the BBC for their Adventure Show.

But his career came to a shuddering halt when cops in Manchester were alerted by the vigilante group that he was communicating with them.

Police Scotland officers arrested his at his place of work – sportscotland’s Glenmore Lodge, near Aviemore – where he was Head of Paddlesports.

Prosecutor Sean Maher said that in November 2019, Rossetter contacted the decoy, whose profile, “Turnaround 31”, was set up to show she was a 13-year-old girl, on an anonymous chatroom service, using the profile name UKOlderGuy.

Mr Maher said: “The decoy engaged him in conversation, immediately making reference to being 13-years-old. He stated in response he was a 46-year-old man.

“He asked if she liked sex chat and gave her a mobile number and asked her to add him on WhatsApp.”

A short time later she received a WhatsApp message using Rossetter’s real name and photo, saying “Hey there, Dave here.”

Mr Maher said: “The conversation quickly turned sexual. He asked what turned her on. The decoy continually made references to being 13. He asked if she’d like to see him naked, and told her she wouldn’t get into trouble for looking.

“He asked to video call her, telling her to turn off the sound and watch him.”

Rossetter asked her if she had ever ‘touched her flower’ and made even more graphic references, before asking the decoy to again go on video call so he could perform a sex act while she was watching. When she asked why, he said, “Because I would love to see your reaction”.

The court heard that Rossetter chatted with the decoy again on ChatIW, less than two months later, and she realised he was unaware he had contacted her before.

After she opened the conversation with “Hiya, I’m 13” he quickly stated, “I like to sext” and asked her to go on webcam and send him “naughty pics and chat of your body”.

Mr Maher said: “This request was refused. At no time did the decoy encourage Rossetter’s behaviour. The conversations culminated in a report being made to Greater Manchester Police, with screenshots and videoclips of material send to her by Rossetter.

“A review of this showed that almost all of the chat from Mr Rossetter was of a sexual nature.”

He was arrested at Glenmore Lodge at 1.26 am on February 21st 2020, and replied “no comment” to all the officers’ questions.

Rossetter, of Grangemouth, Stirlingshire, now living in homeless accommodation, appeared for sentence having pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to attempting to communicate sexually with a child for the purposes of obtaining sexual gratification or of humiliating, distressing or alarming her.

The court heard that Rossetter had now lost his job, his home, his wife, and contact with his own kids. Solicitor Stan Quirk, defending, submitted that in the circumstances he did not need to be jailed.

Rossetter was ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work, have three years’ supervision and treatment under the Scottish Government’s “Moving Forward, Making Changes” sex offenders’ programme, and placed on the sex offenders register.

Sheriff Derek Hamilton also ordered he be reported to Scottish ministers for inclusion on the list of people unsuitable to work with children or vulnerable adults. He said: “The charge speaks for itself”