February 2021

British paedophile caught sneaking out of the country

A convicted paedophile from Britain began a six-month prison sentence in France today after being caught running through the Channel Tunnel.

Ryan Murryland, 31, from Manchester but who also has links to Blackpool was caught in the undersea link on December 21, causing all trains to be stopped at a cost of some £45,000.

Appearing in court in Boulogne-sur-Mer, northern France, on Monday afternoon, he said he had no memory of what happened, and said he was not guilty.

But CCTV images clearly showed Murryland, who is from Manchester, in the Channel Tunnel and being stopped by French police.

‘It’s not me in the pictures,’ Murryland told the court. ‘I was arrested by the police in the street after arriving in a car’.

But magistrates refused to believe his claims after hearing that registered sex offenders were not allowed to leave the UK without permission from the police.

Murrayland was jailed in 2015 for sexual activity with a child and was on the run last year for breaching the conditions of his bail following his release from prison.

After his arrest in France by border police at Coquelles, Murrayland was held on remand, but his claims were ‘full of inconsistencies,’ according to a prosecuting report.

He had scaled four security fences and dodged 400 surveillance cameras before running in darkness through the tunnel.

Murrayland was found guilty of two offences – entering a railway without authorisation and refusing to comply with railway regulations – and received the maximum six month sentence.