February 2021

Falkirk beast hoarded sick pics of baby rape and bestiality plus video of man sexually abusing a corpse

A vile Scottish beast hoarded thousands of sick pics of babies being raped and women and kids having sex with animals – as well as a video of a man sexually abusing a human corpse.

Ryan Evans, 26, has been jailed for 20 months after downloading more than 12,000 extreme indecent images over several years – with many of them in the most serious category.

The twisted paedo was nabbed by cops in April 2019 after they raided his Falkirk home and seized his computer.

Images retrieved from his laptop and a hard drive on his bedside table featured young kids and babies being raped by adults.

Some pics featured sexual activity between children and animals.

In another sick clip a man was seen performing a sex act in a morgue with a dead body, Falkirk Sheriff Court heard.

During a police interview, sick Evans admitted downloading the material twice a month, over “many years”.

The beast claimed he got “a kick out of accessing illegal images, rather than having an attraction to children in a sexual manner”.

He told police: “The idea that I can be attracted to children is physically abhorrent to me, and I just want to make that clear.”

Evans pleaded guilty to possessing indecent pics of kids and extreme indecent videos at his home address between September 2016 and April 17, 2019, when the police raid took place at 7.20am.

Evans said: “It doesn’t justify it or excuse it, but the content was never the focus of it. It was the fact that the act of getting it was illegal, and how that felt, and not the content itself.”

Sheriff Derek Hamilton told Evans: “Your justification in a police interview was that these images would exist whether or not you viewed them.

“But without the demand for obscene images like this there may well be no supply. For every image of a child, there is a child victim. Your behaviour was quite deliberate.”

Evans was placed on the sex offenders’ register for seven years and will be banned from working with kids or vulnerable adults.

He showed no emotion as he was handcuffed to a security guard and led to the cells.