November 2020

Pervert caught by undercover paedophile hunters

A pervert who spent hours each day talking to and exposing himself to young girls in online chatrooms has avoided a prison sentence

Lee Crisp appeared at Stevenage Magistrates Court where he admitted: 

  • Three counts of Engaging in sexual communication with a child

  • Two counts of Attempting to cause or incite a child aged 13-15 to engage in sexual activity

  • Three counts of Causing a child aged 13-15 to look at an image of sexual activity

  • Making indecent images of a child

The court was told that Crisp had befriended who he believed was a female child online. 

Crisp sent a number of sexual messages to the child with the clear intent of engaging the child into sexual activity. 

However, the child did not exist and was instead a undercover decoy called Caz Solo Elizabeth from the online hunting community. 

The decoy passed her evidence onto another team called Children Online Battling Real Abuse (COBRA) who carried out the sting.

The team arrived at Crisps address and questioned him on his internet activity, before calling the police. 

The police arrived and Crisp was arrested. 

The judge handed Crisp: 

  • Custodial sentence of 12 months which is suspended for two years

  • Rehabilitation activity requirement

  • Sexual harm preventiom order for seven years

  • To register as a sex offender for a period of ten years