February 2021

Paedophile told undercover investigator he would drug and rape his daughters

A twisted and depraved paedophile told an undercover investigator he would be willing to drug and rape his two young daughters has avoided a prison sentence

Alan Richards, 62, didn’t have two daughters of the age which he claimed online but did have hundreds of images and videos showing children grimacing in pain as they were being raped.

Richards, of Wellington Road in Porthleven, appeared at Truro Crown Court to be sentenced after pleading guilty to three counts of making indecent photographs of children, distributing an indecent image of a child and voyeurism.

Prosecuting the case, Ramsay Quaife told the court how in September 2019 Richards was chatting to a male on social media stating his desire to sexually abuse children.

Unknown to Richards, the male was actually an undercover operative who was trying to catch online paedophiles.

Richards falsely told the person he had two daughters aged six and nine and said he’d be willing to abuse them by drugging them and raping them.

He sent an image of one naked girl who he claimed to be his daughter and asked if he could meet the daughter of the undercover operative.

Police raided Richards home and seized devices containing hundreds of sick images in videos showing infants being raped and crying in pain.

The voyeurism charge related to Richards, whose search history regularly contained the word rape, secretly recording up the skirt of a woman in a shop as he spoke to her.

Sentencing Richards, Recorder Simon Levene said: “You are part of an international mafia that causes untold happiness to children.

“You are a consumer, not a producer. You have acknowledged what you have done, pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and taken steps to address your behaviour.

“All the evidence shows people who behave like you have since arrest have a very good chance of being rehabilitated whereas people in denial can’t be helped. It’s entirely up to you if you appear in the dock again.”

Recorder Levene opted to follow the Probation Service recommendation and sentenced Richards to a two years community order, featuring the relevant treatment programme.