February 2021

Two decades jail for ex Lincoln coach who abused 13 boys 62 times

A former Lincoln area badminton coach was jailed for 20 years on Friday after grooming and then carrying out “vile” sexual assaults on young boys over an 18-year period.

Lincoln Crown Court was told that Timothy Mawer, 52, targeted teenagers he met while coaching in schools and youth clubs.

Mawer met other victims through his employment as a youth worker and through a mutual interest in trainspotting.

He carried out more than 60 attacks on 13 different boys. His victims told the court how their lives had been destroyed.

A number later considered making attempts on their own lives while others suffered significant mental health problems for years.

Some of the victims turned to drugs or drink and ended up with criminal records.

One, in a victim impact statement, described Mawer as “a master of manipulation.”

The man said: “He befriended me and my family. He portrayed himself as a near perfect character.”

Timothy Mawer, 52, formerly of Long Beach Road, Haventhorpe Park Holiday Centre, Cleethorpes, admitted a total of 27 charges of indecent assault on a male person between 1985 and 2003. He was jailed for a total of 20 years.

Mawer was given an indefinite sexual harm prevention order and banned for life from working with children and vulnerable people. He was also placed on the sex offenders’ register for life.

Judge Simon Hirst, passing sentence, told him: “You were a successful coach who was well-known. Over a period of 18 years, you misused that position and the ostentatious lifestyle you had to abuse 13 children between the ages of 13 and 15 in a sexual manner.

“It is plain that in their different ways all of the complainants have been profoundly affected by your abuse of them. You caused each and every one of them real and lasting damage.

“You caused harm to each of them for no other reason than to gain sexual gratification for yourself. A striking aspect of what you did involved the humiliation of some of these boys.

“You won them over through kindness, apparent generosity and flash cars. You persistently and systematically abused young boys over a period of almost two decades.”

Sam Skinner, prosecuting, told the court: “The defendant’s offending was systematic, persistent, planned and gradually increased in severity and degradation.

“This was a campaign of offending that corrupted the lives of more than a dozen boys.

“Some of the acts he carried out were unusually vile.

“In total there are 62 incidents. The period of offending is approximately 18 years. It began in 1985-6 and ended in April 2003. Some were as young as 13. The rest were about 14 years old when this defendant offended against them.

“This defendant was working as a self-employed sports coach teaching badminton. He taught adults and children.

“When he was working with children he was in a position of trust. He was a successful coach who was well-known locally and abroad.

“He coached in schools and youth clubs. He made friends with lots of boys aged between 12 and 16. He also visited Lincoln Railway Station where he befriended boys who were trainspotting.

“He selected those whom he could influence and groom. This grooming took weeks and months depending on the boy. He gave these boys his time, his attention and his money. They were impressed by his fast cars and his clothes.”

Mr Skinner said that Mawer chose victims and made out that he was their friend. He went on to groom them and invited them to his home.

There they were persuaded to play cards with Mawer who went on to introduce forfeits for the loser which resulted in sexual acts taking place.

A police investigation began in January 2016 after one of the victims made a complaint and the subsequent inquiry led to other victims being traced.

The court was told that Mawer was originally due to be sentenced in November 2019 but as a result of media reports six more victims came forward resulting in additional charges against the defendant.

He was due to stand trial on the further matters in front of a jury earlier this week but changed his pleas.

Michael Cranmer-Brown, for Mawer, said he was of previous good character and is remorseful and ashamed for what he did.

He said: “This offending started when he was himself young. The most recent offending took place 18 years ago.

“In that time Mr Mawer has been a badminton coach of some considerable repute and success. He has taught many thousands of pupils both here and abroad.”

February 2021

Ex Lincoln badminton coach admits more sex attacks on boys

A former Lincoln-based badminton coach admitted further sex attacks on young boys when he appeared before Lincoln Crown Court on Monday.

Timothy Mawer, 52, had been due to stand trial in front of a jury on Monday, February 8 facing a series of charges involving six boys.

But before the jury was sworn in he changed his pleas and admitted nine charges of indecent assault on a male person on dates between August 1985 and April 2003

This comes after he had previously entered not guilty pleas to two rape charges when he appeared at Lincoln Crown Court by video link in October last year.

Mawer was told he faces a “very substantial” jail sentence when he is dealt with later.

Timothy Mawer, formerly of Long Beach, Long Beach Road, Haventhorpe Park Holiday Centre, Cleethorpes, had previously admitted another 15 charges of indecent assault on young boys.

He was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on Friday, February 12.

Judge Simon Hirst told Mawer: “You have pleaded guilty to very serious offences. You know that on Friday you will receive a very substantial sentence of imprisonment.

“The issue is how long that will be. On Friday you will discover what that will be.”

December 2019

Lincoln badminton coach pleads guilty to the “abhorrent” abuse of seven boys

A Lincoln badminton coach has pleaded guilty to the “abhorrent” abuse of seven boys under the age of 16.

Timothy Mawer was a familiar face in schools across the city during the 80s, 90s and 2000s.

The 51-year-old hired out school sports halls and youth club facilities where he taught large groups of children and county level athletes how to play badminton.

He has now pleaded guilty to 15 horrifying charges of indecent assault against boys under 16.

A police investigation found the coach took advantage of boys “who looked up to him” by offering them money to take part in sexual acts he described as a “game”.

His case was initially brought before Lincoln Magistrates’ Court on October 24 where Mawer pleaded not guilty to 15 charges of indecently assaulting boys aged under the age of 16 in the late 80 up to the mid-90s.

The case was sent for trial at Lincoln Crown Court on November 21 where Mawer of Long Beach, Long Beach Road, Haventhorpe Park Holiday Centre in Cleethorpes changed his plea and finally admitted to the horrific abuse of his victims.

Sentencing will be held on December 20 at the same court, however, Mawer has been granted unconditional bail until then