February 2021

Glasgow pervert found guilty of sexually assaulting teenage girls

A pervert who sexually assaulted three girls faces a jail sentence.

Paul Balarsky, 20, was convicted by a jury at Glasgow Sheriff Court of four charges of sexually assaulting three teenage girls. including at a home in Rutherglen

One incident saw him give a 14 year old drink at his home in Glasgow’s Shawlands in August 2017.

The brute then pinned the terrified girl on a bed and attempted to kiss her, before carrying out the assaults.

Balarsky committed similar crimes on a 15-year-old and 17-year-old girl between April 2017 and November 2018.

Balarsky was convicted by a jury at Glasgow Sheriff Court of four charges of sexually assaulting three teenage girls.

The court heard from the then 14-year-old girl who stated Balarsky jumped on top of her.

She told jurors in evidence: “He tried to kiss me and I didn’t want him to and I tried to move my face to the side and said no.

“I couldn’t really stop him because I was drunk.”

Balarksy then went on to commit two different sexual attacks on the girl.

The court heard of an earlier separate incident in which a 15-year-old girl was passed out drunk at a party in the city’s Pollokshields.

A friend put her to bed and checked on her through the night.

Prosecutor Mark Allan said: “What the friend saw was questionable as the accused was seen jumping up saying he wasn’t doing anything.

“She said there was something weird about that.”

The victim later, when she was 16, in a separate incident, was also groped twice while asleep at the same property by Balarsky.

The court was told about an incident in November 2018 when Balarsky touched a sleeping 17-year-old girl at a property in Rutherglen.

The girl woke up to find her jeans being unfastened.

She said: “He was trying to touch my genitals without consent.”

The girl jumped out of bed and ran out before telling a friend what happened.

Balarsky sent a text message saying: “I know what I did was awful, I’m struggling to comprehend what happened.

“I need to go to therapy for something like that, it’s my fault, it totally is, I have never done anything worse.”

Balarksy told jurors in evidence that some of the matters were as a result of a “misunderstanding.

He claimed one of the victims lied.

Sentence was deferred until next month for background reports by Sheriff Alan Mackenzie.

Balarsky was put on the sex offenders register and granted bail meantime.