Carl Desforges – Hull

February 2021

Warped ‘warlock’ from Hull collected thousands of bestiality images

A self-titled “warlock” with a “perverted interest in bestiality” was found with more than 17,000 illegal images on his computer.

Carl Desforges, 55, had been looking at indecent images of children and animals for more than nine years. He told police that he was a “collector” of such disturbing pictures.

Prosecutor Nigel Clive told the court that when Desforges, of Derwent Street, Hull was arrested, he told police: “I’m not sexually attracted to children in any way.

“I’ve been very silly and very stupid, it’s just when you’ve got the sort of collecting brain set, it’s very difficult, it’s like an itch.”

Mr Clive said that the police found the pictures on Desforges’ laptop on March 19, 2019 and that the children in the pictures were aged between eight and 13, but that the entirety of the pictures were mainly of bestiality.

“Police officers attended the defendant’s home address and the defendant was arrested for the possession of indecent photographs of children,” said Mr Clive.

“Computer equipment was seized and the defendant was interviewed and explained that he had a pornography addiction and that he had been collecting for around nine years.

“He said that he regularly downloads pornography and some of these will be indecent, as he did not realise what he was doing at that he didn’t particularly take any notice of the ages of the models.

“Picture files accessible on the computer were 17,268 images, of which nearly 17,000 were category C and there were 10,000 extra images that were viewed and deleted.”

Desforges calls himself “Aleae Warlock” on Facebook.

In his defence he was said that his mum, who he lives with, now watches him when he is on his laptop to ensure that he is not viewing anything illegal.

Judge David Tremberg sentenced Desforges to six months in prison, suspended for two years.

“You appear to have a particular perverted interest in bestiality,” said Judge Tremberg.

“You are an intelligent man and I’m perfectly satisfied that whilst you’re undertaking this disgraceful behaviour, you well knew that this behaviour was seriously wrong.

“Yet you felt unable or unwilling to control your urge to carry on doing it over and over and over again for your own sexual gratification.

Desforges was also ordered to complete 30 rehabilitation activity days and put in a sexual harm prevention order lasting seven years.

This means that Desforges has to register all his devices with the police, cannot delete his search history and must let officers inspect his devices at any time to check he has not been downloading illegal material.

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