February 2021

Paedophile who fantasied about abusing boys aged 8 starts new job on Monday

A paedophile from East Yorkshire who fantasied about sexually abusing children is starting a new job next week.

James Palfreyman, 28, of Melton Fields in Melton, engaged in conversations about his fantasies of sex with boys aged between eight and 15 with another paedophile

He was caught after police became suspicious of his actions towards a teenage boy – although no charges were brought in relation to that investigation.

While he was being investigated, however, police seized Palfreyman’s phone and found on it videos and images of category A – the worst kind – showing the rape of torture of young children

He has avoided jail for his offending and will start a new job on Monday as a “driver’s mate”.

Judge David Tremberg told former lorry driver Palfreyman he has been “making a bit of a mess” of his life and said he needs to “sort himself out and quickly” to avoid prison in future.

The judge said: “You are quite fortunate the police became involved when they did because they were able to flag up your risk-taking behaviour before it became ruinous for you.”

Judge Tremberg made Palfreyman the subject of a five-year sexual harm prevention order, which forbids him to have any contact with any boys under the age of 18.

Palfreyman must also not delete his search history and must show any officer his internet history when asked to do so.

He was also handed a 30-month community order and told he must attend a 90 day accredited programme and 30 days rehabilitation activity.

Judge Tremberg said: “They are there to help you understand what you have done and to make sure you don’t repeat that mistake.”