February 2021

Dangerous Corby paedophile locked up after forcing brave victim to give evidence

A brave girl was forced to testify against a Corby paedophile who showed no remorse for his sick actions.

Daniel Haslam, of Highbrook, was locked up yesterday (Thursday) at Leicester Crown Court after preying on his 13-year-old victim for his own depraved sexual desires.

He preyed upon her, sexually abusing her over and over again while trying to hide his tracks along the way. His abuse was sustained and premeditated

A jury unanimously found the 26-year-old guilty on 12 counts of sexually assaulting a child and inciting them to engage in sexual activity with an adult.

Haslam showed no remose in his trial and made the victim take to the witness box to give evidence.

He was sentenced to six years in jail and placed on the sex offender register for life.