October 2020

Victim confronts her abuser as he’s locked up

A woman has bravely told how she wants the man who abused her as a child to be “too scared to even dream of doing it” to anyone else.

Reading her own victim impact statement at Caernarfon Crown Court today, she said she didn’t want what happened in her past to become her future.

She spoke as David Charles Jones was sentenced to five years in jail after being found guilty of seven counts of indecent and sexual assaults on a child under the age of 13.

The 61-year-old, of Hamlington Avenue, Gwersyllt, Wrexham, was described as a “man of limited intellectual abilities” who showed “no remorse or insight into his victim’s suffering”.

The court heard he inappropriately touched her both on and under her clothing on multiple occasions and made her touch him.

Holding back tears, the woman told the court: “I have found it really difficult to put into words how I’m feeling about things.

“Over the years, I have just got used to keeping things inside, but I knew I was going to have to tell someone as I was unable to sleep as the nightmares were horrible.

“I would punch and pinch my legs out of anger because inside I wanted to scream…I would punch myself hard just to stay awake as the fear of sleeping was just too much.”

She said that, after she told her mum about the abuse years later, the “nightmares got worse” and she now takes antidepressants for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The victim got a job away from North Wales, which she admits may have been an attempt to “run away” as there was “always a chance I’d bump into him”.

She added: “I have put my travels on hold for now so that I can get the help that I need.

“I want to feel normal like other people my age do.

“I never imagined having my own little family.

“For a while, I have decided not to have my own children through fear I’d not be able to protect them from something like this happening to them.

“The devastation in my mum’s eyes the day I told her I will never forget.

“She kissed me gently on my head and said ‘don’t worry, mum will make it all better.’

“I felt like I was little again and just wanted to press a rewind button.”

The woman said: “I don’t want what has happened in my past to become my future.

“I want a life with no more secrets, nightmares and tablets.

“I want to be a mum, a wife and most of all happy.

“I want him to just admit what he has done rather than put me through all this.

“I want him to be too scared to even dream of doing this to another child…He stole part of my childhood I can never get back.”

Sentencing him to five years in jail, judge Nicola Jones said only an immediate custodial sentence was appropriate.

“You subjected her to sexual abuse on a regular basis on multiple occasions,” said the judge.

“At the time, she didn’t know that any of this was wrong and she only reported it to her mother during her adulthood.

“You were convicted after trial…it’s clear that you’ve shown no remorse or insight into her suffering.”

The judge accepted Jones was “previously a man of good character who has worked hard during his lifetime”, and that there was no evidence of any re-offending after the abuse.

“But I am concerned about the attitude towards your offending – you lack insight and in the circumstances, the public, in particular female children, need protection from you,” she added.

Jones was subjected to an indefinite sexual harm prevention order banning him from having any unsupervised contact with any female child under 16.

An indefinite restraining order preventing him from contacting the victim was also imposed.