December 2019

Scots beast who physically and sexually abused young girls and their mothers in reign of terror caged

A Scottish hotel worker who physically and sexually assaulted young girls and their mothers in a reign of terror has been caged for six years.

Mark Campbell, 39 from Edinburgh was convicted of abusing three youngsters aged between three and 13 when they were in his care.

He was also found guilty of and physically and sexually assaulting their mothers in a relentless campaign of domestic abuse.

Defence counsel David Nicholson told the High Court at Livingston that, despite the verdicts of the jury, the 39-year-old hotel worker continued to deny committing the offences.

Despite that, he said Campbell accepted the verdicts 

The jury earlier convicted Campbell of four sexual assaults, three physical assaults and one charge of lewd, indecent and libidinous practices towards a nine-year-old girl.

Advocate depute Jim Keegan said in his closing remarks at the trial that the young victims had “painted a picture” of “predatory, opportunist sexual assaults” on them over a period of years.

He said there had been a sexual assault on a mum and her two young children, when the youngsters were both under 10, and violence against the woman’s son.

One of the victims said Campbell had frequent temper tantrums, used bad language and exhibited controlling behaviour.

Another gave evidence that he had used similar abusive behaviour towards a second woman and her daughter.

When her nine-year-old disclosed that Campbell had been sexually touching her she confronted him. He denied it – and the abuse stopped for a while.

However, the girl told the jury, he regularly abused her for about a year, much longer than she originally admitted to her mum.

Another victim said he sexually abused her for almost a year, getting into her bed and putting his hand down her pants

She said he took her hand and put it on his penis, and when she tried to remove it he held it and prevented her from doing so. Once on a couch in the living room he tried to kiss her on the mouth.

One of the girls said her sister tried to avoid the accused trying to cuddle her when she was older. She confronted Campbell and told him he was a “paedo”. He called her a liar.

After a gap of three years Campbell started abusing another young girl, again when he was in a position of trust.

Passing sentence, Judge Lord Tyre told Campbell he had been found guilty of a “serious catalogue of offending” which included a course of conduct of sexual assaults on young girls aged between three and 13 years old.

The judge imposed prison terms totalling six years on the eight charges and told Campbell he would be subject to supervision on licence for a further two years following his release “to protect women and children from serious harm”.

He also told Campbell his name would remain on the sex offenders register indefinitely.