February 2020

Sobbing pervert caught with 7,000 child abuse images on computer

A 23-year-old man was left crying in the dock today after he was jailed for sending lewd images to a child

Mitchel Watson, of Clifton Place, West Derby, Liverpool was found to have 6,625 indecent images of children in his possession.

More than 500 of these images were category A – the worst kind showing the rape or sexual torture of young children

Jonathan Rogers, defending, said his client said “he knew what he was doing was wrong, but he couldn’t help it.”

Watson racked up a string of charges for possessing and distributing indecent images of children online, before his behaviour culminated in him sending lewd messages to what he thought was a 14-year-old boy.

Michael Stephenson, prosecuting, said Watson used a messaging app to make contact with the believed teen.

He told Liverpool Crown Court on Friday: “There was interactions with another Kik user who identified himself as a 14-year-old boy in Texas.

“We don’t know if this is the case, but it was an attempt to sexually contact a child. He made an enquiry with him to send him a photo of himself.”

Mr Stephenson said Watson then sent over pictures of his genitals to the apparent teenager, as well as telling him sexually explicit things.

As well as this, Mr Stephenson said Watson communicated with others online to ask “does anyone have any boy pics”.

While Mr Stephenson read aloud the horrendous details of his crimes, Watson, dressed in a black jumper, stared at the floor before later wiping his eye.

Judge Robert Warnock told Watson: “You certainly pose a high risk to children. You must understand that the possession and distribution of images repeats the harm of this child.

“It promotes the spread of images and subsequently distribution of young, abused children.”

Mr Stephenson said officers were made aware of “possible distribution” of images through a Dropbox account, which was later identified as belonging to Watson.

This led to officers conducting a search in Watson’s home, where a number of devices were found to have sick images on them.

The majority of which came from his laptop, Mr Stephenson said. When arrested, Watson told police officers “there was no point denying it.”

Watson later pleaded guilty to ten charges against him, including possessing indecent images, making indecent images, distributing indecent images and communicating sexually with a person under 16.

Watson was jailed for two years and made subject to a sexual harm prevention order.