February 2021

Pervert repeatedly abused schoolgirl

A paedophile has been sentenced after committing a number of sexual offences against a schoolgirl

Duane Stephen Craven, 40 of Lupset in Wakefield appeared at Leeds Crown Court to be sentenced after already pleading guilty to:

  • Two counts of sexual activity with penetration against a female child aged under 13

  • One specimen charge of digital penetration against a female child aged under 13  

The court was told that Craven who was working as a assistant project manager for SES engineering at Leeds Becket University, had gained the victims trust by grooming and manipulating her.

Craven first abused the child in October 2019. The abuse was repeated and continued for two months. 

When Craven was arrested, he refused to comment. He pleaded guilty to the charges during his plea hearing. 

The judge handed Craven a nine year prison sentence which was reduced to six years for his guilty plea.

Another six months was also taken off due to prison conditions he had experienced during his remand time, which left him with a total sentence of five years and five months of which he was told he would serve and the rest on licence

An indefinite SHPO was imposed and Craven was told to register as a sex offender for life. 

Several life long restraining orders were also imposed. 

(The specimen charge relates to numerous violations of the same offence. It is used to simplify charging the person, as they would otherwise have to be charged with each individual offence)