February 2021

Businessman who raped boy as a teenager was caught after chance encounter in B&M

A successful businessman has finally been brought to justice after raping a young boy when he was only a teenager himself.

Christopher Todd sexually assaulted and raped the young boy as they played on a PlayStation in the early 2000s.

The attack left the victim living with years of “shame” and confusion as he struggled with family and personal relationships.

But Todd, who went on to run his own business and get married, was finally arrested over his crimes after a chance encounter with the now adult victim in a B&M store in April 2019.

Todd, 31, appeared at Teesside Crown Court on Wednesday to be sentenced for two counts of rape and two counts of sexual assault.

He had been found guilty after a trial.

Prosecutor, Michael Greenhalgh said Todd’s crimes were brought to light after he encountered the victim and his mum in a Darlington B&M store.

Todd, of Durham Road, Darlington, “introduced himself” to the victim’s mum, leaving the victim “angry”.

After years of struggling to come to terms with his abuse, the victim decided to video Todd and confront him in order to extract some sort of apology.

But the confrontation ended up in a “scuffle”, Mr Greenhalgh said.

Following the incident, the victim opened up to police about what Todd had done to him and told them he had been raped by him while the pair played computer games.

The court heard that during the incident, the young victim was also “groped” by Todd

Todd raped the boy again on a later occasion.

Mr Greenhalgh said the abuse left the victim wanting “revenge” in later life, but upon encountering him again, he decided to try and coax an apology instead.

During the sentencing, the victim appeared in person to read out a statement.

In it, he detailed how the abuse left him feeling “shame” and questioned himself and his sexuality.

He said he “replayed” the abuse “over and over” in his mind and that he struggled to get close to people.

He added that for a period he “felt no love, only resentment” and that Todd’s “lack of remorse” sealed his own “fate”.

The judge sentenced Todd to four years in prison.

He will also be on the sex offender register indefinitely.