February 2021

Grimsby man fantasised about snatching boy from streets and forcing him to become sex slave

A Grimsby man told police he fantasised about snatching a young boy from the streets, taking him away and forcing him to be a sex slave.

Robert Odlin, 43, of Cooper Road in Grimsby had his home raided by Humberside Police in September last year after they received intelligence about him.

Odlin was not at home, but officers were let into his house and seized a telephone.

He was called and told to attend Birchin Way police station, which he did.

Despite at first denying anything would be on the phone, Odlin requested a second interview where he made a set of sickening admissions.

Claire Holmes, prosecuting, told Grimsby Crown Court on Thursday that Odlin told officers he had engaged in “chat” with other paedophiles and requested their help in snatching a boy off the streets.

She said: “The chat messages were extremely concerning.

“He said: ‘I like boys between seven and 14. I’ve never had one but would like to rape one.’

“He asked another person: ‘Would you consider kidnapping one if you had help? Are you sure I can’t tempt you.’

“The other person declined and he said: ‘I’d love to keep one as a sex slave.'”

Odlin later told police he was having dark thoughts of snatching a boy on his way home from school, taking him away and forcing him to participate in sexual activity with him.

Ms Holmes said: “He was interviewed again and said he has an interest in children and was trying to control his urges but was finding it hard. He said he lived between a secondary school and a primary school and on a route taken by children on their way to and from school.”

Odlin told police they would find “thousands” of indecent images on the phone they had found at his home, and another.

However, analysis was conducted and police could only find two category A images and three category C images that were inaccessible.

They did find 14 category C images and one prohibited image of a child that they could access.

Odlin told police that in 2013 he had exchanged sexualised messages with a young boy.

He said he requested the boy to send pictures of his penis, and sent pictures of his own to him.

He said the chat only stopped because the boy had been caught, but he had made attempts to meet him and said if the chat had not stopped, he would have gone through with the meeting and had sexual activity with the boy.

Odlin will be sentenced at Grimsby Crown Court on Friday, February 26.