February 2021

Carlisle rapist who attacked two victims is jailed by crown court judge

A man has been jailed for eighteen years six months for rape, and placed on the sex offenders register for life.

Paul Devaney, aged 55 of no fixed address was sentenced today (Feb 26) at Carlisle Crown Court.

He pleaded guilty to three counts of rape at an earlier hearing on the 7th December 2020.

The counts are in relation to two incidents against one woman, once when she was a child, and an incident against another woman.

Devaney left one of his victims sobbing after continuing a sick sex attack despite her desperate attempts to push him away.

Carlisle Crown Court heard depraved Devaney later told her “sorry”, and added flippantly: “Drink in, wits out.”

Devaney showed no remorse for his actions and took advantage of his victims when they were vulnerable.

In moving impact statements read during the court hearing, both women spoke of the massive psychological impact with each having been prescribed anti-depressants while seeking to cope with the aftermath of Devaney’s shocking crimes.

One said she was left feeling “humiliated and like a piece of meat”, and that he had “stripped me of all my emotions”. She spoke of having trouble sleeping and waking in “terror”, although prosecutor Alison Mather: “She does suggest that him being in prison does bring her some peace.”

The woman raped twice by Devaney spoke of regular nightmares and said at one stage she had been “so low, and I even attempted to take my own life”.

Her life, she said, had been “ruined” by a person she described as a “monster”. The woman concluded: “I do not think any sentence the court passes will be as long as the sentence his actions have given me, or impact his life as much as he impacted mine.”