Pervert ex-bus driver used two online aliases despite lifetime ban

A pervert who became a registered sex offender after attempting to groom a young girl has been back in court after setting up social media accounts using false names.

Ransom Cubitt was caught with several different mobile phone apps on his devices, including encrypted networks Tik Tok and WhatsApp, under the username of Black Lizard 555 and Ranse.

The 49-year-old was barred from using aliases after he admitted inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity while he was working as a school bus driver in 2006.

Since then he has breached the conditions of sexual offences protection order (SOPO) and the notification requirements on numerous occasions.

Teesside Crown Court heard how he was jailed for 21 months in 2008 for three breaches of the SOPO order.

Paul Rooney, prosecuting, said the defendant was caught breaching the order again in October last year when his mobile phone and other digital devices were inspected.

Mr Rooney told the court how the TikTok app enables users to delete images ten seconds after they have been seen – a clear breach of his court order.

He added: “The creation of two aliases on social media is of significant concern.”

The court heard how when he was working as a bus driver he made a pass at a 12-year-old girl on a school run.

As a result of his conviction he was banned for life from working with children.

At the time, Teesside Crown Court heard how Cubitt gave her a card signed with kisses, containing £5 and a note saying: “If you want the kisses in the card to be real, just let me know.”

Cubitt told police he initially had no sexual feelings for the girl, but things developed and he found her attractive.

Mr Rooney said Cubitt had breached the SOPO order on at least three occasions since its imposition.

Cubitt, of Shelley Crescent, Middlesbrough, pleaded guilty to breaching the court order.

The Recorder of Middlesbrough Judge Paul Watson QC sentenced Cubitt to ten months custody, suspended for 18 months and ordered him to attend 40 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

He added: “In October it was found you had a number of troubling social media accounts, one of which had the facility of automatic deletion after ten seconds on Snapchat. It seems to me to be another intentional breach of the court order.”

Sex offender jailed for breaching order

A sex offender banned from having unsupervised access to under-18s has been jailed for secretly moving in with a woman and her three children.

Ransom Cubitt was locked up for a total of 21 months for breaching the terms of a prevention order and failing to notify a change of address.

Judge Michael Taylor told the 36-year-old Middlesbrough man that he will be jailed for longer if he again breaks the conditions of the ruling.

Teesside Crown Court heard that Cubitt was spared prison two years ago for an offence of inciting a child to engage in a sexual act

Instead of a custodial sentence, he was given a three-year community rehabilitation order and sent on a sex offenders’ programme.

The strict Sexual Offences Prevention Order meant Cubitt was banned from having unsupervised contact with children and had to notify police and probation officials about his living arrangements.

Police went to his last known address last November, but his father said the former bus driver had not been living there for the previous three months.

Cubitt was finally traced ten days later to a home in Middlesbrough where he had been staying with a woman and her three children.

In interview, he said he had simply forgot to notify officials about his change of address, but accepted that he had been left alone with the youngsters.

Defence barrister Brian Russell said that the woman felt let down but would allow Cubitt back into her home because he had got on well with her children.

Judge Taylor told Cubitt: “You find yourself in difficulty today because this court gave you an opportunity in January 2006 . . . to prove yourself in the community.”

The judge said he took the SOPO breach seriously because it was made for a good reason – “because the court thought you posed a danger to children because of your offending”.

He added: “It is distressing to see that you committed that offence and it is even more distressing that the woman would be still willing to have you back with her children there. You are not going to have that opportunity.

“If you breach that order again, I warn you five years is the maximum and the courts will be likely to impose it.”

Cubitt, of Westbourne Road, admitted failing to comply with notification requirements and breaching the SOPO between June and November last year.

January 2006

Driver tried to lure girl, 12

A bus driver who made a pass at a 12-year-old girl on a school run has been banned for life from working with children.

Ransom Cubitt, 34, used a birthday card to proposition a schoolgirl, Teesside Crown Court heard yesterday.

He allowed the girl, among others on a school route in the Stockton area, to travel for free, said prosecutor John Gillette.

As she was about to turn 13 last year, she asked him if she would get a birthday card.

Cubitt gave her a card signed with kisses, containing £5 and a note saying: “If you want the kisses in the card to be real, just let me know.”

In the note, he asked her to meet him at a later date after work. The girl told her mother, who reported it to the police.

Cubitt told police he initially had no sexual feelings for the girl, but things developed and he found her attractive.

He said he thought after giving her the note that matters should not go any further, and he wanted to set things right.

Cubitt, of Lumley Road, Redcar, who had no previous convictions, admitted inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity, and the theft of £20 from his employers during his four months working for the coach company.

Paul Cleasby, defending, said the sex offence was a “one-off blip”. He added: “It was a foolish thing for him to do and something which he bitterly regrets.

“It will serve as a very serious warning to him.”

Judge George Moorhouse told Cubitt: “You were in a trusted position, employed as a coach driver taking young people to and from school.

“You know that was inappropriate conduct for a man of your age towards a young girl of 12.

“If it had gone as far as kissing then you could well be losing your liberty.”

The judge gave Cubitt a three-year community rehabilitation order, with an order to attend a sex offenders’ programme, an order banning him from working with children for the rest of his life, as well as an indefinite sexual offences prevention order barring him from having contact with children unless supervised by an appropriate adult who knows of his conviction.

Cubitt will be on the sex offenders’ register until further notice.

Speaking after the case, the mum of the girl propositioned by Cubitt said: “The punishment wasn’t strong enough. He should have gone to prison.

“My daughter has been left in a real state.

“It has really traumatised her badly and has also affected all the family.”