March 2021

Man who downloaded video of baby being raped avoids prison

A Scunthorpe man who downloaded a vile video of a baby being raped has avoided prison after claiming he’s seen the error of his ways.

Scott Wesley, 34, formerly of Cemetery Road in Scunthorpe, had his computer seized after police tracked an IP address being used to download child pornography.

Videos found on it included graphic abuse of the rape of a girl less than a year old and a boy aged seven engaging in sexual activity.

He plead guilty to three counts of making indecent images of children by downloading them from a file-sharing website.

He initially refused to take responsibility for downloading the images, saying he had been “set up”, despite being the only person with access to the computer.

However, he has now pledged to “sort himself out” after admitting he’d hit rock bottom.

Prosecutor Brian Russell told the court: “The defendant initially entered not guilty pleas, but changed this to guilty in December. However, he has maintained that he isn’t responsible for downloading the images, despite being the only person with access to the computer.

“He has claimed that ‘police set him up’, and continues to deny responsibility.

“Intelligence was used to trace the IP address of a computer downloading images between September and November of 2018, and a desktop computer was seized.”

Judge John Thackray, sitting at Grimsby Crown Court, had adjourned sentencing for four days and Wesley was placed in custody until the hearing.

He was sentenced to a nine month sentence, suspended for two years.

He was also given a seven-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order which bans him from owning any device that can access the Internet or hide browsing history which hasn’t been registered with the Public Protection Unit.

He also is not allowed any supervised time with children under 16, unless it is unavoidable.