March 2021

Sex assault victim bombarded with texts and calls by pervert who also filmed through her window

A sex offender out on bail after assaulting a woman sent her 100 texts, made 30 phone calls and filmed inside her home through her window.

Wayne Lewis, 48, already had convictions for attempted rape and sexual assault when he began his latest offending.

The registered sex offender assaulted a woman and she reported him to the police. He was arrested and questioned by detectives before being let out on bail while the investigation continued.

But despite the fact the police were already investigating him, he went to the woman’s house and used a tablet computer to film through a window of her home.

In a period of six days he sent 100 messages to the victim and made more than 30 phone calls during a period of just two days.

During another two-week period, about a month later, he made another 200 calls at least, while also sending continuous messages to the victim on social media.

Those offences were reported to the police and when he was questioned about his latest behaviour he denied it all.

However, analysis of his phone and other evidence led to him later pleading guilty to both sexual assault and controlling or coercive behaviour.

Lewis, of Perth Avenue, New Parks, Leicester, appeared at Leicester Crown Court yesterday for sentencing and was given an extended sentence due to his previous offending.

He will stay in prison for at least five years and two months. After that he can expect to be released and remain on licence for a further four years and 10 months.