March 2021

Face of ‘predatory and violent sex offender’ from Leicester who raped woman in Blackpool alleyway

A man who raped a woman in an alleyway in Blackpool has been jailed and described by police as a ‘predatory and violent sex offender’.

David Dara, 29, attacked the ‘vulnerable’ lone woman in the Lancashire seaside resort on the evening of Thursday, April 23 last year.

Dara, of Saxby Street, Highfields, Leicester, was jailed yesterday following a trial at Burnley Crown Court.

Lancashire Constabulary, which investigated the attack, released details of the hearing and issued a photograph naming and shaming ‘abhorrent’ Dara.

Police say he was arrested after the 20-year-old woman reported the attack to police and he was linked to the crime by personal items detectives found at the scene.

In a statement, Lancashire Police said: “The victim was approached by a man and taken into an alleyway off Hopton Road at the side of the Home Bargains Store on Tyldesley Road, in South Shore.

“The offender then subjected the victim to a serious sexual assault before violently assaulting her as she lay on the ground.

“The attacker made off from the scene on a bike, with the victim found by two women and taken home with the incident reported to police.

“Following investigation detectives identified the scene of the attack, with a number of items, including a set of keys, a mobile phone, a bank card, an Adidas bag and a blue Nike hoody, found.

“These items were quickly linked to Dara.”

Dara and a 19-year-old man from Blackpool were subsequently arrested.

Following consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service Dara was charged with rape, while the other man was released and faced no charges.

Dara denied the offence but was convicted of rape and assault following the trial.

Yesterday, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, with six years on licence.

He was handed a 20 year sexual harm prevention order (SHPO), which will impose conditions on is movements and activities once he is released.