March 2021

Jail for Elm sex offender who went abroad & missed his appointments

A convicted sex offender from Elm has been jailed after going abroad and failing to attend his appointments.

William Cassidy, 31, was placed on the Sex Offenders Register in December 2018 after he was convicted of a sexual assault.

Cassidy was due to complete his initial notification appointment on 19 December, but he failed to make the meeting.

On 14 January 2019, police contacted Cassidy about the missed appointment. He claimed he didn’t realise he needed to attend and stated he would go to Thorpe Wood Police Station the following day to complete it.

Once again Cassidy failed to attend and later called to say he was busy. Officers explained this was unacceptable and Cassidy then admitted he was abroad.

Despite being told by officers to return for his appointments, Cassidy failed to do so.

Cassidy, of Kirkhams Lane, Elm, Wisbech, pleaded guilty to failing to comply with his notification requirements and was sentenced to eight months in prison at Peterborough Crown Court on Monday (1 March).

He was also handed a further three months in prison for breaching an order given to him during a case in Stevenage.