March 2021

Shaw man took videos of children from his home for sexual gratification

A pervert who took pictures of children from his home in Shaw has been jailed for more than two years.

Police raided the home of John Bradbury on Pennine View in May 2018 and found he had thousands of sickening images of youngsters on multiple devices.

They also found some of the items were as a result of pictures taken from his home as well as others he had downloaded.

Almost three years on from the incident Bradbury, who had led an unblemished life until the offending began in June 2016, confessed to the offences last month.

The 71-year-old appeared in Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court to be sentenced for the five offences which ran for almost two years until police executed a search warrant at his home.

Prosecutor Maria Brennan revealed what police found at his home.

She said there had been 1,235 category A, the most serious, images, 1,043 category B, and 2,322 category C which he had downloaded.

There were a further 1,359 images, which had come from nine photographs taken by the defendant.

She said: “The majority were found on a USB stick plugged in to a HP laptop.

“Of all the images found the majority of children were between six and ten years old.”

She said the images he took were from his bedroom window, adding: “he zoomed in on their underwear, he took several images for sexual gratification.”

The court also heard some the A images included children engaged in sexual activity with animals and the C images included adults performing sexual activity onto the face of youngsters.

It also heard Bradbury had not been interviewed until November the year after the incident and not appeared in court until this year.

Imposing a sentence, judge Tina Landale said there was no alternative to a custodial sentence.

She said: “Rather than being heartbroken seeing this material, you derived sexual gratification from it.

“By consuming this material you cause others to make it.

“You have secretly filmed children from your home for those videos you have created.

“You likely know how old they are, the expert here has estimated their ages between nine and 12.”

She jailed him for 26 months and placed him on a sexual harm prevention order for ten years which has numerous stringent conditions including a ban from the use of emails or Skype without permission, from contact with children and from any public library or visiting any school.