May 2017

Leeds sex predator given 12-year sentence over street attacks on women

A dangerous sexual predator who assaulted two women in separate street attacks has been given a 12 year sentence.

Jamie Sharlotte, 25, was given an extended prison term after a judge said he continued to pose a serious risk of harming women.

Sharlotte was found guilty of two attacks on woman in Leeds in April and October last year.

A jury heard Sharlotte followed a woman into a quiet street after she got off a bus in Cross Gates on the afternoon of April 25, 2016.

He pulled her to the ground, put his hand to her throat and tried to remove her trousers, but fled when she continued to struggle.

Sharlotte struck again in Seacroft during the early hours of October 26 as he walked to work at Leeds Market.

He followed a woman along York Road at 3am, forced her to the ground then carried out the sex assault.

Sharlotte was identified as a suspect after CCTV placed him near the scene.

Gloves recovered by police from Sharlotte’s home were found to contain DNA from the second victim.

Jurors heard the chances of that DNA being matched to anyone else was one billion to one.

Sentencing Sharlotte, judge Guy Kearl, QC, said: “The two offences of which you have been convicted demonstrate an emerging pattern of sexual offences over a six month period.

“Although each was relatively short-lived, given the location of each offence in a relatively secluded place and the fact that nobody was about…this discloses predatory behaviour.”

Sharlotte must serve a custodial term of seven and a half years followed by an extended four and a half year period on licence.