March 2021

Stourbridge ‘upskirt’ pervert secretly filmed 250 females

An ‘upskirting’ pervert that filmed 250 females using a camera hidden in his shoe told police that he ‘did not target blondes’.

Richard Whyley who is from Stourbridge filmed under the skirts of victims, recording 6,000 images of buttocks and genitals in Worcester High Street using a GoPro camera concealed in the toe of his shoe.

A 16-year-old girl raised the alarm at H&M in Worcester on August 16, 2019 after she heard the camera click, bringing his depraved campaign to an end which included recording women having sex in their homes.

The 32-year-old admitted voyeurism, two charges of recording an image under clothing to observe without consent and operating equipment beneath the clothing of another without consent.

The photos were taken mainly in Worcester but also in Malvern and Stourbridge between June 26 and August 15, 2019.

Ralph Robyns-Landricombe, prosecuting, said the 16-year-old who raised the alarm noticed Whyley passing near her in the shop while she looked at clothes and later saw him rushing towards the bottom of the escalator before he stood close to her on the next step down, holding his mobile phone in his right hand.

“She then stated she heard a clicking sound which she associated with the taking of a picture on a mobile phone,” said the prosecutor.

She saw the camera app was visible on his mobile phone but did not challenge him. However, she returned to the shop and was able to give a description of him to police.

His movements were traced using Worcester city centre’s CCTV to a building owned by the University of Worcester.

Whyley of Lavender Lane, Stourbridge was identified as a sub-contractor for the university who tested fire alarms.

Police arrested him at Worcester’s University Arena and his phone was seized. The GoPro camera had taken 6,436 images and officers identified 250 separate female victims.

However, only the woman who reported him can be formally identified. An officer was able to identify almost all the locations as being in Worcester.

A search of the company vehicle Whyley was using revealed two pairs of shoes with holes cut in the toes and an SD card which belonged to the defendant.

On the card were 94 images and videos recorded through the windows of homes including ‘images of women either topless or in their underwear’ and of women ‘getting changed or in a state of undress’ and also of a couple engaged in sexual intercourse.

In interview he stated that he was not targeting the girl in H&M but that it was ‘an opportunistic moment’ and that he had viewed upskirting videos on a pornography website.

He stated he did not want to say how long he had been doing this for ‘as he’s ashamed’.

The father has also told his partner about what he had done ‘but not anyone else’. “He said he felt sick when he learned the girl (in the shop) was only 16” said Mr Robyns-Landricombe.

When he was told by police that there were 6,436 images recorded on the GoPro, Whyley replied: “Jesus, that’s horrible.”

He stated he never took photographs of people he knew – they were always strangers.

Whyley has also been having private counselling to address his behaviour.

He told officers his actions were motivated by ‘excitement’ but that ‘the excitement soon wore off’. He denied being sexually aroused by the photos.

When he was told that there were 250 different female victims, he replied: “I would have to take your word for it. I have no idea how many there are. That’s more than I thought.”

Whyley, who had no previous convictions, stated he did not target blondes’.

He admitted he had cut a hole in the toe with the GoPro camera inside facing upwards. “He would change his boots to his camera boots when he was going to take pictures,” said the prosecutor.

Magistrates deemed the matter too serious for their jurisdiction.

The case will next be heard at Worcester Crown Court on April 9. Whyley must sign the sex offender register in the meantime. A pre-sentence report will be prepared.

He was granted unconditional bail until that hearing.