March 2021: Pierce was released from prison and is likely to return to Ballynahinch in Northern Ireland

June 2016

Depraved paedophile abused schoolgirl ‘over and over again’ 

A depraved paedophile that repeatedly abused a young girl has been jailed

Trevor Pierce, 55, formerly of Brighton but now of Ballynahinch in Northern Ireland appeared at Lewes Crown Court where he was found guilty of: 

  • One count of attempted rape of a child

  • Four counts of gross indecency with a child

  • Five counts of indecent assault with a child 

The court was told that Pierce began grooming and manipulating the victim when she was just eight years old.

However, Pierce started to attack the girl soon after and committed multiple sexual offences against her over a period of several years, finally ending when she reached her early teens.

Pierce refused to show any remorse for his appalling actions 

Sentenced to nine years and five months imprisonment and was told to register as a sex offender for life