Sex predator jailed for rape of unconscious man on Brighton beach

A man who was raped on the beach while unconscious says the incident has left him broken.

Off duty paramedics saw rapist Aynul Hoque with the man on Brighton beach.

The victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, had been on a night out and went to sit on the beach after meeting friends.

But chef Hoque, 32, drank vodka with the man, and when he became “deeply unconscious” Hoque pulled down his trousers and raped him in a “truly horrific” attack.

It left the victim feeling so depressed that he felt suicidal and feared he had HIV.

He pleaded guilty to one count of rape when he appeared at Lewes Crown Court.

Hoque was positively identified by witnesses, and was found to be in possession of some items belonging to the victim.

He was also in possession of a black balaclava.

On the night in question, the man had been walking along the seafront after a night out with friends.

He had stopped and had friendly conversations with a number of people, before heading down to sit on the beach.

It was there that Hoque took advantage of the victim by raping him

At Brighton Crown Court Hoque was jailed for eight years for the sex attack.

Jennifer Gray, prosecuting, said the incident happened at about 5am on August 1 last year.

The victim was friendly and had talked with Hoque, but after passing out, Hoque raped him.

Ms Gray said Hoque had possessed a balaclava and condoms which suggested he may have been planning to commit a sex attack.

Off duty paramedics had got up early to see the sunset, and witnessed the horror unfold.

They helped bring the victim out of unconsciousness and called the police.

When officers arrived they found Hoque was still pleasuring himself next to the victim.

The victim said: “After this incident happened I felt confused. I was surrounded by police and ambulances, I felt shocked.

“It has made me feel really up and down. I worried about getting HIV. When I waited for test results I felt really bad about myself.

“I didn’t know how to deal with what happened, it broke me.”

Hoque arrived in the UK from Bangladesh in 2005 and had previously escaped an unhappy arranged marriage.

Her Honour Judge Laing QC said the incident was a “stranger rape” and said Hoque had taken advantage of the victim being friendly.

Hoque, of New England Road, Brighton, is now behind bars.