July 2007

Man jailed after abusing schoolgirl

A Tunbridge Wells pervert that hid a schoolgirl under the floorboards of his home when police arrived looking for her, has been sentenced to three and half years

Daryl Bartley, 28 of Sherwood road, pleaded guilty to two charges of engaging in sexual activity with a female child 

Maidstone Crown Court heard that the 14-year-old girl – who cannot be named for legal reasons – claimed she and Bartley had engaged in sexual intercourse up to 40 times over the course of a few months

The court was told that the girl had been missing for a week. She was found under the bed in his bedroom after he had denied seeing her

Days later, she disappeared again and later described Bartley as her boyfriend and that they did not use contraception

The victim said Bartley had cut out some floorboards inside a built-in cupboard and would put her in there if he thought the police were at the door.

Police were called in after the girl received two text messages from Bartley, one which threatened to rape the girl

However, the girl met Bartley again after the threatening texts. They had sexual intercourse at his house, then they went to Kennington Park where sex took place in the woods

As well as being jailed, Bartley was told to regsiter as a sex offender for ten years