July 2017

Man jailed for conning woman into letting him into her house and raping her

A rapist who calls himself ‘The Devil’ has been jailed for six years after he bluffed his way into a young mother’s home and attacked her while her children slept upstairs.

Kade Sibthorpe, 24, from Swinton, near Salford, Greater Manchester, knocked on the woman’s front door at 4.30am and falsely claimed he had lost his keys.

Sibthorpe then pounced on her saying: ‘Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want it.’

The victim, whose children were asleep in an upstairs bedroom, was left traumatised by the ordeal and went to her doctor to get the morning-after pill.

She initially kept silent about the November 2014 assault but went to police after seeking counselling.

Sibthorpe calls himself ‘the devil in disguise’ on his Facebook page which also features voodoo and occult themed memes.

He was convicted at Minshull Street Crown Court, on Friday 14 July after a trial and was jailed for six years.

He sobbed as his lawyer revealed prison inmates had vowed to harm him.

Robert Elias prosecuting said: ‘She tried to send him away but he advanced into the house and starts trying to kiss her, pulling at her top.

She desisted and turned her head away, saying ‘no’ but he said: ‘look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want it’.

‘She confirmed that she did not but he was in no mood to listen. He had made his mind up and was in fact smirking and had a smile on his face

‘There can be no question that he thought she wanted sex – but this was rape. ‘He pulled her pyjama pants down and raped her on the stairs of the house. He left the address almost immediately.’

He continued: ‘She remembers him having a smirk on his face prior to the assault as if he knew what he was going to do all along.’

Sibthorpe denied the encounter but his DNA was found on the stairs of the woman’s house.

Judge Maurice Greene said: ‘You raped her and it was clearly against her will.

‘It was in the early hours of the morning and her children were in bed upstairs as well. Since then she’s had to take antidepressants, she couldn’t cope with the situation which is why she ultimately went to the police.

‘I do understand that because of the situation your time in custody will be difficult because there are people I understand who wish to do you harm.’